My Career Portfolio


The samples contained within this portfolio represent just a small portion of the vast cross-section of skills and experiences I have gained throughout my adult life. While certainly the foundation of some of these skills were acquired through formal classroom training, I have always enjoyed being self-taught and am constantly seeking to learn as much as I can. I continue to do so because I have learned one important thing; no matter how unrelated a skill or experience may seem to a current position at the time, it always becomes something valuable in successfully completing a project or goal when I least expect it.

Over the years I have been able to make career changes and excel at the positions that have been granted to me by becoming a quick-study. When given a new assignment, I have been able to quickly learn what is needed to successfully complete it. Through the variety of positions I have held in a diverse range of fields, I have been able to work alongside people from all walks of life and relate to their experiences. It is out of these experiences that I have learned to become very adaptable.

At this point in my life, I no longer consider the skills and experiences I have gained to be merely coincidental. They are a reflection of my personal belief to continue to work hard and seek the knowledge that enables me to hurdle the bar I never cease in raising for myself.

NOTE: This is a portfolio using scanned images and text within a computer document. The actual artifacts are available for inspection upon request.


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